Tues 22nd Nov

Well the 'Trump effect' seems to have primed global stockmarets at least for the time being

The US equity markets reached new all time highs overnight and we seem to be gaitning a little momentum locally so time to 'ring the bell ! '

The probably response to this will be a lift in US interest rates shortly which actually should be seen as a sign of market confidence and a positive endorsement for the direction of their economy

Next year we have some elections in Europe and it will be interesting to see if there are similarities with the voting pattern of Brexit and the US via a move towards protectionlism which would be a natural but unhelpful respnse from a global growth point of view

The challenge of providing high paying jobs in an increasingly automated world remains a hign priority for Governement not least because it reduces the Personal Tax collectively paid

Let's see if other counties follow Trump's lead and borrow big to boost infrastrucure and create jobs

Maybe a Reagan rerun of the 80's which actually worked out quite well !

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