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Vanguard economic and market outlook for 2024: A return to sound money

Our economic and market outlook for 2024 reflects the house view of Vanguard’s global economics and markets teams as of December 12, 2023.
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Millions of Australians lose by leaving savings in default MySuper funds

More than 5.2 million young Australians are missing out on higher superannuation returns by investing their retirement savings in default MySuper accounts, according to research from Innova Asset Management.
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Time to start planning for stage 3 tax cuts: technical manager

Advisers should start planning how to take advantage of the stage three tax cuts due to come into force next year, says a leading technical expert.
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Most Expensive Wars In History

Check out the most most expensive wars throughout history
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Setting up the next generations of retirees

With average life expectancies rising, early investment education and financial advice will become increasingly critical.
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Economic and market outlook for 2024: Global summary

The global outlook summary highlights the top-level findings of the full economic market outlook.
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EPOA crucial for SMSFs, says professional adviser

An enduring power of attorney is crucial for ensuring continuity and compliance, says a professional adviser.
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Does the NALI/E punishment fit the crime?

The long-running NALI/E debate has not considered the “extremely heavy-handed treatment” the specific asset NALI provisions impose.
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A 2023 Advent Calendar for our clients

Come back each day and click on the next date for more inspirational and Christmas quotes.
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Retirement is not just about dollars

A life-cycle consultant has revealed only two in five retirees admit to being happier once they stopped working, prompting him to issue a reminder that achieving a satisfactory retirement goes well beyond how much money a person has saved in their superannuation fund.
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Most powerful countries throughout time.

Check out the most powerful countries in every century.
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Teaching children about the value of money

Transferring money to children can be one of the most valuable financial steps parents can take.  
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