What is it?

Superannuation is a way of saving for retirement

Your employer pays a percentage of your earnings into your super account, and your super fund invests the money until you retire.

How we can help you

Superannuation requires thought out strategies and planning to ensure your money is protected for retirement

How your superannuation is invested will have a big impact on whether you achieve your retirement goals. When it comes to maximising your retirement savings, Virtue & Partners give you peace of mind offering thoughtful, objective, and expert advice to meet any on-going legal requirements and make the most of government incentives on offer; all while paying as little taxation as possible.

Your super is your money

Look after your super now, so it looks after you

We understand the increasingly complex issues and competitive environment of superannuation for both employers and individuals. From Self-Managed Super Funds and salary sacrificing, to the government contribution scheme and the new transition to retirement rules, Virtue & Partners can help you tailor the right superannuation strategy for your retirement.

Wealth Accumulation

Managing the unique challenges of growing your personal wealth and deciding on the right financial path is not always easy.

An essential part of any financial advice plan is a wealth accumulation strategy: a personalised and diversified financial strategy that takes into account your current situation, your short term plans, and your long term goals.

Wealth accumulation plans include strategies such as regular savings plans, stockmarket shares, salary sacrificing, personal and risk insurances, and equity from property.

To discuss a wealth accumulation plan that is right for you, get in touch with Virtue & Partners today.

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Retirement Planning

Start planning today! Even if your retirement is a long way off, the financial decisions you make today can have a major and lasting effect on your lifestyle in the future. You will need to consider things like the lifestyle you want, where you want to live, how much income you will need, ahe best way to transition to retirement.

Virtue & Partners can help you reach the lifestyle you aspire to in retirement, and can also structure your finances in order to maximise any Centrelink benefits. There are many types of Centrelink benefits available to pre-retirees and retirees that include the Age Pension, Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, disability support, New Start & JobSeeker allowances, carer allowances, and more.

To start preparing for a better retirement lifestyle, speak to a Virtue & Partners adviser about retirement planning.

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Estate Planning

We all live in hope that, when we pass, we're not forgotten. We'd also like to believe that the money we've worked so hard for will set our kids and grandkids up for a better life.

But for those who don't have a plan in place and would rather leave this to chance, there's a risk that your wishes may not come true and your wealth is distributed in line with the state government formula that applies in your state/territory, possibly incurring higher tax liabilities.

One of the most important things you can do is plan ahead and ensure the people you care about are protected financially. Estate planning involves developing a strategy to deal with your assets after you die. Working in conjunction with your solicitor, Virtue & Partners can help ensure your assets pass smoothly to the right people and in the most tax-effective manner.

To make sure that your estate plan leaves nothing to chance and protects your family from needless financial or legal problems, contact Virtue & Partners for a review of your affairs.

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With regular announcements of redundancies and hiring freezes across most sectors, it is now critical for executives and senior managers to understand the potential outcomes and options available when facing redundancy. In Australia, one in three executives can expect to face redundancy at some point in their lives (Sydney Morning Herald). In this situation, getting your finances under control helps reduce the stress on you and your family, and helps avoid costly mistakes.

Seeking advice is the first step in maximising your redundancy and turning it into a tool for long-term asset growth. Virtue & Partners can help you maximise the effectiveness of your redundancy payout and ensure minimal tax is applied.

If you've recently received a payout or are about to receive a redundancy, get in touch with Virtue & Partners to ensure your redundancy package works in your best interests.

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To get your super working harder and smarter for you, Virtue & Partners are here to help